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Sarah Palin Fever Has Conservatives

Writing Checks At Record Pace

$7 million in contributions have been received by the John McCain campaign in the 24 hours since he selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate. You can join in by going to You might as well say "Robert Dyer" referred you in box #5. Barack Obama could have chosen a woman as his running mate, but decided not to. Now women get to decide on Election Day.





Check out this typical Democrat attack propaganda, plagarized from Obama-Biden talking points: Now consider the facts:

1. Politico says "John McCain is desperate."

If John McCain was desperate, he would have picked a safe, boring nominee instead of Gov. Palin.

2. Politico says Gov. Palin "hardly knows foreign policy and...can hardly be seen as instantly ready for the presidency."

Wrong. Gov. Palin has as much or more experience in foreign policy as Barack Obama. Much to Hillary Clinton's chagrin, Gov. Palin is ready to be President "on Day One."

Think about it... Who would you want to answer the Hillary Clinton 3 A.M. phone, Obama or Gov. Palin? An expert talker who did more campaigning than legislating in two legislative bodies (Obama), or an expert executive who has run a town and a large state - while also running a large family? Gov. Palin wins hands down.

Have you watched the video where she is displaying her expert marksmanship with a real gun? She would probably have Bin Laden in custody by Day Two.

3. Politico says: "There is no plausible way McCain could say that he picked Palin, who was only elected governor in 2006 and whose most extended public service was as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (population 8,471), because she was ready to be president on Day One."

Well, we covered this above, but there's one additional point that I made yesterday: Sarah Palin has years of experience as an executive. Do you know how many combined years of experience Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards have as an executive? Zero. So much for "experience" on the Democrat side.

Gov. Palin is also Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard. An actual military force. And Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Edwards have been Commander-in-Chief of...? Nothing, nada, never, ever. Their military and military leadership experience? Zero. Once again, Gov. Palin is more qualified than all of them combined. I invite the liberal media to continue talking about experience, because Gov. Palin wins in every comparison.



I haven't heard the phrase "Roe v. Wade" for some time. And now that Democrats are talking about abortion again, they are only energizing those of us in the pro-life movement each time they bring it up.

Now we have a solid, pro-life ticket to support. Barack Obama claims he doesn't know the simple science of when life begins. Perhaps there is still time to sign up for a 9th Grade Biology course before the election, Senator Obama. Even when Mr. Obama claims he is not sure when life begins, he is willing to allow that "possible" life to be taken. That shows poor judgement. That shows a callousness. That shows a disregard for innocent life. Obama and Joe Biden are willing to let some die for the benefit of others by allowing embryonic stem-cell research. Again, those types of decisions reflect on the character and leadership style of a person. What will the logical extensions of their thinking on life issues be across the spectrum of ethical and moral issues?

This is a debate we can win, with science, ethics, and morality on our side. And now we have a new national leader to represent us in Sarah Palin, who has exemplified respect and compassion for human life through her actions, not the mere words that Barack Obama is so handy with.





There may, God forbid, be destruction in the path of Hurricane Gustav. But the response will be completely different. Not only is George W. Bush on the case bigtime, but most importantly, there is new leadership at the top in Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Gov. Jindal, as you may have seen on television, is on top of the situation. He is an expert on numbers and working with complex bureaucracies. Gov. Jindal is giving exact numbers on all of the resources and preparations being put in place. Evacuations will take place on time. Gov. Jindal will not allow the most vulnerable to be left behind or forced into the Superdome again.

In addition, John McCain and Sarah Palin are in Mississippi today to support Gulf area residents as they prepare for the worst, but we are all praying for the best.

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