Monday, August 04, 2008


Greater Washington Board of Trade
Gets Ready to Remake Your World

Remember the old game, "Operation?" The ad warned you that getting the positive outcome for the patient "takes a very steady hand."

Democrats are going to sweep the next several election cycles in the Washington Metro Area, if James Dinegar and his Greater Washington Board of Trade have anything to say about it. Dinegar has taken the unusual step of announcing far in advance that if Virginia Republicans don't raise taxes for transportation, the GWBT will withhold all campaign funds from GOP candidates.

The powerful group has also endorsed the Democratic opponent of D.C. Republican Councilwoman Carol Schwartz. Dinegar stated that Schwartz's vote in favor of paid sick leave was "anti-business."

So let me get this straight. According to the GWBT, and other Chambers of Commerce and business groups, you, the taxpayer, aren't paying enough. But you don't deserve any new "benefits" that cost Corporate America. Does that sound fair to you? So would you vote for a candidate just because the GWBT endorses him or her? I would hope not.

I believe we need to have some form of paid sick leave, particularly in the hospitality and medical fields. This is a homeland security issue, as well as a public health issue. Terrorists are known to be planning biological attacks, such as smallpox. And pandemics, combined with the mysterious resurgence of diseases thought to be vanquished, provide even more reason to have paid sick leave.

We need sick people who handle food, clean hotel rooms, and work with vulnerable hospital populations to get off the job immediately. This will help contain the spread of nefarious attacks and deadly diseases. Paid sick leave removes the financial motivation that a worker has to come in sick.

Furthermore, I believe it is essential that we legislate paid sick leave for victims of domestic violence. So you are hearing this from a Republican, that paid sick leave is a compassionate, moral policy. It is also an essential homeland security and public health tool. If Americans are going to be told they have to pay fees just to drive to the grocery store, then Corporate America can certainly do its fair share while profiting on pseudo-scientific "green" products.

For shame, that any businessperson would state that a Democrat is better for business than a Republican. Why is this happening in groups around the region? Well, check it out: most of these groups are now all-Democrat, and working for the Democratic Party. And Democrats are providing what Corporate America and local developers and interests need: Big Government socialized medicine, high-tax funded transportation projects designed to fuel development, and access to cheap labor.

That's why Corporate America is backing Barack Obama. And why your local Democrat is endorsed by "business" groups and Chambers of Commerce. Unfortunately, the New Boss is the Old Boss. It's time for new innovations, an end to partisan bickering, and new leadership that gets things done instead of talking and staging theatrics.

Governors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Bob Ehrlich, Bobby Jindal, and Mark Sanford are the future of the Republican Party. We're in quite a mess this year if John McCain's running mate is not a new type of Republican, which could also include two women, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, and an African-American, Michael Steele. Consider that the GOP could be the party to put a VP in line to be the first woman or black President of the United States.

We have to support an American hero, John McCain this November. There won't be much change if McCain wins, but the status quo will not change if Obama wins, no matter how lofty the speeches are. Just examine what the GWBT is doing here for Democrats, and you'll realize that "change" is the new status quo. If Corporate America wants Obama, then why would you replace your Che poster with an Obama poster on your dorm room wall?

"We are the Ones Corporate America has been waiting for."


I have to note the passing of a hero of freedom, famous Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn. His best known works, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, and Gulag Archipelago, exposed the truth about life in the Soviet Union to the world. They did not bother with animal characters and metaphors, but instead presented the raw truth of what evil humanity is capable of when it has unlimited power.

Solzhenitsyn's books are a must-read for every American, so that future generations will know the realities of what socialism, communism, and totalitarianism are. He was certainly not a cheerleader for all of the trappings of the "American Way," but his works made clear that any flaws in our system are far outweighed by the freedom we enjoy.

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