Saturday, August 30, 2008


Wow, what a fantastic choice for Vice-President. I believe it was an August 4th entry in this blog, where I suggested Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was one of the new Republicans John McCain would need as a running mate to win in November. She is not only a great choice politically and strategically, but also historically. As I went on to say in that entry, "Consider that the GOP could be the party to put a VP in line to be the first woman or black President of the United States."

And now John McCain has done it. Frankly, I didn't expect this from Senator McCain, and it was hard to believe the news yesterday. But he has just completely reenergized the Republican base in one day.

The more you examine Gov. Palin's resume and positions on the issues, the better the choice seems. A down-to-earth, self-described "hockey mom" who can appeal to conservatives, moderate Republicans and Democrats who want "change," and independents. She would make history as the first female Vice-President, and eventually, the first female President.

But wait, there's more, as they say on the infomercials. She is a lifelong member of the NRA and is also pro-life. But she doesn't just talk about being pro-life; she decided to have a child with Down syndrome, even when given the option to terminate the pregnancy. There is no greater test than that, nor any greater example of compassion for an innocent life, regardless of the personal sacrifices required. We'll be able to leave the descriptions of children as "unwanted" and as "punishment" to Obama and other anti-life Democrats this fall.
Gov. Palin is an expert on cutting wasteful spending, something that Washington specializes in. But, like Mike Huckabee and many others of us who are concerned about the "people who carry the bags, and serve the meals," she doesn't believe in a government that serves only the rich. Next month, every Alaskan is going to receive a $1200 check to cover their fuel and heating oil costs for the winter, courtesy of Gov. Palin's effort.

She also hasn't been brainwashed into joining the ever-growing cult that believes in the greatest hoax of our time, "man-made" global warming. “I'm not one … who would attribute it to being man-made," she said earlier this month. Even John McCain has bought into that, so it is very reassuring that Gov. Palin does not support the extremist Al Gore agenda on "climate change." When a liberal publication put up a headline stating "Palin, McCain Differ on Global Warming," I couldn't have been more pleased.

At the same time, she is a New Republican, who is not afraid to take on the party establishment. Like another outstanding Republican governor, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, she takes on corruption -even within her own party - and has prevailed in every case.

Today, conservatives who may have been lethargic about supporting the GOP in November just got a reason to be energized: a historic, first woman Vice-President who supports all of our major positions on the issues. And who could take office as President in as little as 4+ years as our first woman President.

As far as some of the liberal media's criticism about Gov. Palin's lack of experience, those arguments carry no weight whatsoever.

Gov. Palin, unlike Barack Obama or Joe Biden, has executive experience as a mayor and as a governor. Obama and Biden, put together, have never run a government in their entire lives. Never. Ever. When you are a legislator in a body, you can hide within the group. You simply cast votes. But an executive has nowhere to hide. The executive makes the tough decisions, and accepts the consequences of those decisions. Neither Obama nor Biden has ever had that responsibility. Apparently many in the media are simply lacking the intelligence to understand the facts. And the fact is that no one on the Democrat ticket has executive experience. Period.
Gov. Palin has no less foreign policy experience than Obama - and he's running for the top job! The logistical challenges of Alaska, and its transportation and commercial relationships with Canada and the "lower 48" make it almost a separate country in itself.

I am perfectly comfortable with Gov. Palin being "one heartbeat away" from becoming President. It's about time a qualified woman was put forward into the highest positions of power in the world. I am confident that she could make tough decisions in any crisis, and if you aren't confident you will be after you examine her record.

Finally, I hope that Democrat talking heads like Paul Begala will be held accountable for their outrageous, sexist statements about Gov. Palin. If these comments were made about Hillary Clinton, Begala and others would have been off the air by this morning. What an embarrassment for the networks, but what a great opportunity to find out who the genuine supporters of equal rights really are.

Sarah Palin is a fabulous choice. As far as the critics, as George W. Bush would say: "Bring 'em on!" In fact, we now have an inspiring candidate who can re-ignite the enthusiasm and excitement many of us felt in 2000 when George W. Bush made his first run for the White House.
The Vice-Presidential debate is going to be very entertaining. There is no way you can criticize a highly-qualified woman with executive experience, and not be revealed as a fraud to women voters. They are the ones who will make history in November, as will Gov. Palin.

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