Friday, October 03, 2008



Alaska Governor is the

Next "Great Communicator"

Last night was another tour de force by Sarah Palin. Once again, liberal pundits were left speechless. A few outlets refer to "shaky" moments, but I don't know what debate they were watching. Gov. Palin was in charge from start to finish, and scored the only direct hits in the debate. On PBS, the talking heads quickly changed the subject to John McCain and the Wall Street socialist bailout bill.

The liberal media, Saturday Night Live, and phantom feminists will have to continue to chew nails. Gov. Palin showed young women that you can have it all: an extraordinary career, be a powerful leader and a supermom all at once... etc., etc.

But the most remarkable thing is her speaking ability, that is so reminiscent of Ronald Reagan. Only she is entirely her own person.

Aghast Democrats are asking: What happened?! Where was the Gov. Palin from the interviews?

I'm afraid those people were expecting, for one, a "gotcha" debate on trivia such as that conducted by a mediocre journalist in recent weeks.

But they also fell for a set up, I suspect. I remember Japanese baseball phenom Ichiro having a terrible first spring training when he came over to the States. Then he smashed the ball to shreds once the season started. When asked what happened, Ichiro said that he intentionally played poorly during spring training to fake out the media and set the bar low.

Sound familiar? Now that you've seen the real Sarah Palin again, it's up to John McCain to deliver the knockout blows in these last two debates. It's too bad Gov. Palin can't debate Barack Obama, because this election would be in the bag.

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