Friday, November 07, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new America. What happened to the old one? Apparently a lot, and we're going to be sorting this out for years to come. But what just happened this past Tuesday?

It's complicated.

The first thing you need to know is that the journalists aboard President-elect Barack Obama's plane asked him to autograph their credentials on Election Day morning. Before the votes had even been counted. Really, that is all you need to know about how Barack Obama became President.

But wait, Billy Mays, there's more!

I believe we have witnessed the power of the American media and public education system, under the utter domination of the far-left, the Democratic Party, and wealthy individuals such as Warren Buffett - who appear to have more power than the President.

I dare say, the financial crisis we are supposedly under is entirely fictional. It was created by Mr. Buffett and other tycoons, in coordination with the Democratic Party, as an October surprise to defeat John McCain. It also serves to initiate a new socialist economic state that will preserve our current flawed economic system to the benefit of those tycoons. Witness the misuse of the taxpayer funds already given to banks by George W. Bush.

George W. Bush - now there's a topic that needs to be discussed. But I digress.

We have also witnessed massive voter fraud. One can examine this election at the precinct level, where I certainly want to investigate who was voting here in Montgomery County. I witnessed some suspicious activity at my polling place, but I don't want to comment until I have the facts. It may have been nothing.

At the same time, get a load of the nationwide maps - all red for McCain, with small blue dots over some major cities. All the easier to concentrate those Acorn voters, when a handful of cities wins you the White House. Prince William for Obama? Seriously? Prince William, like Montgomery, has a large illegal immigrant population. Yet, studies show that even legal immigrant voters (citizens) have historically low turnout. So how do you square that with conservative Republican Prince William going for Obama? Interesting. Interesting.

Of course, the McCain campaign made serious mistakes. Voting for a pork barrel Wall Street bailout bill. Waiting too long to go mildly negative. Somehow believing that the September excitement was generated by McCain, and not Sarah Palin. And then hiding Gov. Palin during the very weeks she should have been featured in advertising. Advertising? McCain did very little of that. Obama commercials ran several times an hour for two months here. You simply cannot let your opponent dominate like that. The Buffett & Co. massive donations certainly helped Obama do just that. And while those many Obama offices failed to win counties all over Virginia, the lack of convenient McCain offices definitely reduced volunteer numbers nationwide.

But still, did America - in this dangerous time - really elect a novice politican who came out of nowhere as the man to lead us? A man whose sole accomplishments are beating Alan Keyes in Chicago, and writing 2 memoirs about himself?

Many Republicans at my polling place were demoralized on Tuesday. I didn't get around much to other polling places. I realized shortly after 7:00 AM that it was essential that I man my post, to give at least a small boost to Republican voters arriving to support John McCain. Even when the media tried to discourage all of us from voting. Instead, Republicans were encouraging each other before and after voting. Don't quit, don't give up.

I stood in front of the polling place with my McCain-Palin sign for 8 hours - including 6 straight hours from 7AM-1PM. Some Democrats had some nasty and obscene words and gestures for me, and certainly standing for 6 hours straight in a cold wind is not very comfortable. But when you think about what John McCain endured in Vietnam, it's nothing. I think each one of us were determined to take a stand for what is right, no matter how hopeless the odds. George Washington knew that you may lose a battle, but the important thing is to win the war. Thank you to each McCain voter who took time to come out, and for your determination and words of support. You defied the status quo by voting for Republican values.

Those values are not dead, even as Democrats and some Republicans again try to call in the priest for Last Rites for the Reagan Revolution. Reagan didn't fold in battle, and neither will we, even though the odds are greater than ever.

There is reason to be optimistic. We now have Sarah Palin - a real American and real Republican - as the frontrunner for President in 2012. And the Ficker amendment results show that there is bipartisan support for our Republican message on taxes here in Montgomery County. Now the voters need to realize that only by electing Republicans in 2010 will Montgomery County be able to use the Ficker Amendment (should it pass) to protect the taxpayer.

There is more to discuss in later posts. There is work to be done, and things that need to be investigated. By January 20, I also suggest every American have a sensible amount of necessary supplies (canned food, bottled water, first aid kit) on hand, as we will no longer have President Bush protecting our country from terrorist attacks. Let us pray that a President Obama can continue Bush's perfect record of no attacks since 9/11. Anyone taking on the tremendous challenge of the presidency at this time is in tremendous need of our prayers.

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