Thursday, June 04, 2009


I haven't heard any substantive criticism of the Brian Williams White House lovefest on NBC. But this program, which I haven't had time to screen in its entirety, calls for a thorough, scene-by-scene analysis.

No national critic has done that yet, to my knowledge. What few scenes I have witnessed were simply beyond belief. Think about the harsh interrogations School Principal Charles Gibson and Kommie Couric conducted against Sarah Palin.

Then watch Brian Williams in action. Remember Gibson was seated on a high throne above Gov. Palin?

Williams, in contrast, willingly sat on a low chair across the desk from Rahm Emmanuel (who is glorified by Williams, without any criticism whatsoever). He tosses Emmanuel a half-hearted Sotomayor question, which Emmanuel dodges while making fun of Williams. Williams adopts a George McFly persona. Hey, Williams, your shoelace is untied. Anybody home, McFly?

Williams apologizes for ignoring the First Lady.

President Obama turns around at a Five Guys counter and asks Williams what he can buy him. Williams answers, in a child-like voice, that he'll have a plain cheeseburger with ketchup.

Williams speaks in total awe throughout every scene that I saw.

Unless the entire thing was orchestrated, I don't even think the White House expected this kind of worshipful, fawning treatment by a major network news anchor.

Is anyone going to catch up with this program? Where is Howard Kurtz?

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