Friday, July 07, 2017

Grapeseed to close in Bethesda

Grapeseed, a perennial winner on many regional "100 Best Restaurants" lists, will pour its last glass on July 29, according to chef-owner Jeff Heineman. Over 17 years in Bethesda's Woodmont Triangle, the restaurant became known for its well-curated wine lists and pairings as much a Heineman's inventive cuisine.
Grapeseed chef-owner
Jeff Heineman
Also known for special menu items based on what was fresh that day, Grapeseed has offered some excellent deals on high-end cuisine and fine wine. Heineman aims for the final weeks to carry on that tradition. All wines will be 33% off this week, then 50% off later this month, finally dropping to "Best Offer at month's end.

"I am filled with mixed emotions as I announce that Grapeseed will be serving its final meals this month," Heineman wrote in a letter emailed to patrons. "Sad, because I have given so much of myself and asked so much of others, only to fall short of some of my more ambitious goals. Grateful, for all the great people who have pitched in to help me as I often needed help. And Relieved, that I can finally schedule a couple of orthopaedic surgeries and start walking like a human again, get to know my family, and find a new challenge.   I take great pride in what we accomplished here and even in the things I tried to accomplish and failed. Learning all the way."

Grapeseed is located at 4865 Cordell Avenue. To make a reservation, call (301) 986-9592.


  1. And the small and slightly-failing magazine has stolen my scoop without citing me as the source 48 minutes later. I love it. The publisher himself. #scooped #unprofessional

    1. Anonymous6:07 AM

      Is there a possibility they received the same email to patrons and published their post slightly after yours without having known and stolen from you?

    2. Anonymous6:12 AM

      Couldn't wait for the sleepy interns to roll in..had to type it up quick :)

    3. Anonymous6:56 AM

      Stole your scoop? Right. And they also stole the quote from Heineman (that you don't have) and the info on his background (that you don't have) and the tip about wine discounts (which you also do not have). They posted later because they did some actual reporting!!

      You would be well-served to disabuse yourself of these notions of scoop-stealing and plagiarism. It is in fact possible for multiple outlets & bloggers to cover the same story. It doesn't mean anyone stole anything.

    4. Skippy9:17 AM

      6:56am Hull was caught with his hand in the cookie jar again.
      He needs to go back to reprinting a couple of articles from the magazine on his site every month and leave the breaking news to Dyer. This plagiarism is damaging his reputation around town. People are talking...not a good look, sir.

  2. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Why do you use pacific time? This makes everything so damn confusing when this sort of stuff happens.

  3. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Grapeseed delivered innovative and interesting cuisine, particularly in its first space. Kudos to Jeff Heineman. I hope that he will undertake a new Bethesda venture in due course.

  4. Roald6:13 AM

    So many memories!
    A mainstay in the Woodmont Triangle.

  5. 6:07: No, because it wasn't even written by an actual reporter, and was not the top story leading off the morning, as it would have been if they had known about it. Quick rush job by the publisher himself to get it out there into the distribution pipes their angel investors pay for. $$$$$

  6. Steve Hull6:17 AM

    Your fantasies of how my business works amazes me. Do you also think the government faked the moon landing? Do you think the government faked global warming? Also, if anyone has any money to donate to the best jazz venue in Bethesda, please send me your money.

  7. Anonymous6:29 AM

    6:17am = haters gonna hate
    So many clones of Dyer's sites :)

  8. 6:38: Lies, as usual. Bethesda Magazine only started its clone of my site in 2014. It was only a bimonthly magazine up until then. I pioneered hyperlocal news in Bethesda in 2006. Even had launched before Bethesda Beef.

    1. Anonymous6:49 AM

      Hyperlocal news. Pacific Standard Time.

  9. Anonymous6:51 AM

    6:15, what's the difference if it's written by an "actual reporter" versus the publisher or anyone else? Aren't you the publisher and reporter for your blog?

    Many times you post afterwards and simply say your post was already in the system and scheduled. How do you know this isn't the case? Sounds like mostly conjecture without proof.

  10. Anonymous6:52 AM

    You both got the email that was sent to customers

    You both wrote about it the next day.

    Somebody posted about it last night in some thread here.

    Sheesh. Mr Drama Queen Dyer.

  11. Anonymous6:53 AM


    He obviously does it so that it appears that his articles are blog posts are timestamped before anyone else.

    You notice his obsession with trying to compete with the so-called "magazine", which happens to be very successful and have grown tremendously over the years.

  12. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Props to 6:56 AM, YOU GO BOY!!!

  13. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Several patrons had posted the letter on Facebook last night. This is not a "scoop", Birdbrain.

  14. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Jesus Dyer, why are you so bitter, talented people thrive on competition! You just seem scared and angry, I'm sure they just had other stories to publish since they have a staff of more than one and can multi-task #birdbrain!

  15. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Dyer, why don't you make your complaint over on BB, where people will actually see it?

  16. 6:56: Total BS, you pathological liar. I have all of that, including the wine discounts. Readers are laughing at you, troll, you pathetic piece of garbage.

    7:00: Look at the guy talking to himself. It's going to be another long day and night at his desk at the Council/developer PR firm office, a human failure posting desperate comments on a successful man's website.

    7:18: No story bigger than this!

    7:22: More people see it here - that's why they have to post links to their articles in my comments, so they can actually get some readers.

    6:51: It showed he couldn't make them do it, or they weren't in the office. Baba Booey.

    1. Anonymous8:08 AM

      How do you know he couldn't make them do it or they weren't in the office? That's conjecture and your theory. Hardly proof.

    2. Skippy10:58 AM

      8:08am presumably, they planned a "Summer Friday"

  17. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Why do you keep deleting me? I am asking why you would delete my evidence that Bethesda magazine came 9 years before you created the SNN?

  18. 7:53: The glossy magazine came 2 years before I pioneered hyperlocal, real -time reporting on Bethesda. The print and website of the magazine was not providing that type of coverage until 2014. Period. I started in 2006. Do the math.

  19. Anonymous8:02 AM

    If this was such a big story, why didn't you have the same in-depth information at your "competition"?

    1. 8:02: They have nothing beyond what I've reported here, liar.

  20. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Also, this was your news in 2006:

    Robert Dyer 2006

    This is 2 years after they had started. You were not posting news.

    You are also claiming the magazine didn't go digital until 2015.

    Bethesda Magazine 2011

    Do the math, the magazine came first. You both are different, but if you are going to say you are so groundbreaking, you should be aware that you were not first. Your competitor was.

    You deleted this once and I am not trolling, but if you are going to lie to all of your readers, instead of deleting me, why not show proof that this evidence is not true.

    1. 8:35: You're the one lying - Bethesda Magazine didn't have a site like mine until 2014. No daily news. No hyperlocal neighborhood news. No coverage of County Council meetings, etc.

      Of course they had a website, but not a hyperlocal news website, just a static site with rare updates and columns by magazine freelancers.

      "The truth is out there."

    2. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Bro...what are you talking about? Also, what makes something hyperlocal vs local? If someone made a woodmont triangle site, would they be ripping you off? Or would they be the innovators of hyper hyper local news?

  21. GhostofChristmasPast8:40 AM

    "headed back over to the Taste of Bethesda and suddenly found that my fingers had black ink on them. And it was raining again. So I managed to get a lot of the ink off with a hand wipe, and looking like a fingerprinted escapee, I opened my umbrella. Angela was on her way back to the car show, where she was volunteering, and she said that Michael Steele would be there at 1:45.
    Realizing that my inky bag would get on everything, and that my fliers were a lost cause in the rain, I decided to make the long, cold walk back to the garage to drop them off. Then my umbrella blew inside-out. At the garage by this time, people are circling, uttering that classic parking mantra, "Are you leaving?" Then I went back over to wait for Michael Steele."


    1. 8:40: You're welcome for me pioneering hyperlocal news in Bethesda. The small and slightly-failing magazine is still struggling to catch up, even with 3 full-time reporters. It took them 8 years just to figure out what I had innovated, and to launch a weak clone of it that survives on "Donald Trump" Google search clickbait, and massive angel investment a la the Moonie-era Washington Times. Happy weekend, loser.

  22. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Did my comment concerning that its irrelevant whether the glossy Magazine or the little blog reported the closing of grapeseed first get deleted? Robert, this isn't news...this is a simple copy and paste from one site (grapeseed'a public Facebook account) to another medium. Why the deletions? It's not inflammatory. I'm not being mean. The news is clearly marked on the Facebook posting (13 hours ago).

  23. Anonymous8:51 AM

    They both really did just rip this right off of Facebook.

  24. Anonymous8:54 AM

    "Realizing that my inky bag would get on everything, and that my fliers were a lost cause in the rain, I decided to make the long, cold walk back to the garage to drop them off. Then my umbrella blew inside-out."

    God was trying to tell you something, Robert. Why didn't you listen to Her? You could have saved yourself 11 years of misery.

  25. Anonymous9:06 AM

    It has been a rough day for Robert on this article. I feel for him.

    I understand why people are criticizing him and it is justly so, but still have to feel bad.

  26. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Saith Dyer @ 5:55 PM ("Friends With Style" thread)

    "Here's some real news to think about - yet another MoCo cartel-sponsored "competing" website has gone out of business this summer, In Rockville this time. Damn, I notice you didn't mention that."



  27. Terp Grad9:11 AM

    Litigimate sites around DC are crediting Dyer for breaking the story...nuff said :)

    Big, big Bethesda restaurant news and Dyer had it first again.

  28. Anonymous9:18 AM

    @9:11am please provide a source other than the "Suburban News Network" that cited Dyer!

    1. Terp Grad9:27 AM

      Real local restaurant news sites credited Dyer for having the story first :)

      I wish other Bethesda sites (i.e. the Magazine) would play nice and not be so hostile towards Dyer. Life is too short to be nasty. It doesn't take away from your work to credit Dyer on these big scoops. I never understand the mentality...

    2. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Name one, "Terp Grad." :)

  29. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Oh look! On cue here come posts from Dyer's atta-boy sheepshills. Sad! #Predictable

  30. Riff Rafferty9:23 AM

    Skippy (or unsigned Dyer), Did you actually read the Hull article? It was sourced from an e-mail to customers! Anyone on their mailing list got the e-mail. Hull even had different quotes from Heineman and additional information on his pedegree in the wine industry. Dyer just needs to get over his unhealthy obsession with that other site/magazine.

  31. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Dyer: "They [Bethesda Mag] have nothing beyond what I've reported here, liar."

    They have:
    - A quote from Heineman that was given today re: business reasons behind the closure
    - Details about past work experience that led to his interest in wine
    - The position he played on the football team, for crying out loud!

    Now. Who's the liar?

    1. 9:33: Pulling a sentence from an old magazine article isn't news - they didn't even have a photo of the chef! I did.

  32. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I got that magic you call OCD
    Rep for them aliens different like me

    If you think that what I do and how I live's too much
    I don't really, really give two fux
    ------Adam Lambert

  33. unsigned9:49 AM

    Dyer is a UMD Grad isn't he? with his super useful degree of latin american studies

    DYER = T E R P G R A D

    1. Terp Grad9:52 AM

      I'm not Dyer, but we Terp Grads are legion in MoCo ;)

  34. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Ok, "Terp Grad."

    But you didn't name one.

  35. Anonymous10:26 AM


    Terp Grad?

    You can't find even 1?

  36. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Also, Bethesda Beat is pretty much what Bethesda Now was, before it was absorbed by Bethesda Magazine. I'm pretty sure Bethesda Now was around for a very long while. I certainly had been following them for years.

    "I pioneered hyperlocal, real -time reporting on Bethesda"
    Some humility please. You do a good job reporting local happenings, but there's tens of thousands of other community blogs just like yours.

    Also, you mix in the reporting with nasty attacks, false claims, and conspiracy theories. Not exactly the modus operandi of top-shelf "hyperlocal, real-time reporting."

    1. Andy Van Slyke10:56 AM

      10:52am Yes, your attacks, false claims and conspiracies about Robert Dyer are prolific. I sincerely hope you're compensated, otherwise... what a colossal waste of your time.

    2. 10:52: Bethesda Now was a ripoff of my site, and launched 6 years after mine, and was soundly defeated.

    3. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Dyer @ 2:50 PM - So you're saying that you're old legacy media?

  37. Barwood Sucks11:52 AM

    Robert is doing a great job. If you haven't read about disruption theory, then you should :)

  38. Delete Uber2:05 PM

    Seems that Uber is getting disrupted rather badly these days.

  39. 9:09: Read 'em and weep, *****.

  40. Anonymous5:07 AM

    @Dyer 2:53 p.m. Pacific / 5:53 p.m. Eastern:

    The article specifically states, "Heineman said Friday morning" ­­ i.e. today ­­ and you're saying the quote is from "an old magazine article" #doesnotmakesense

    Also, they have a photo of the chef. #easilydisprovablelie

    Yes, this comment is a repost. #whydocommentskeepdisappearing

  41. Anonymous1:57 PM

    ^doing a public service!

  42. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Dyer @ 10:37 PM (1:37 AM EDT):

    Ever notice that none of the reports on the local media, lamenting the loss of the Gazette, ever mention your hobby blogs?

    1. 4:09: That's deliberate - they're petrified that even one more person might discover my news sites and become woke.


  43. Anonymous7:50 PM

    This article reads like a high school essay. You clearly copied the Facebook post and changed the order of sentences and a few words just enough that you felt it wasn't plagarized.

    1. 7:50: Nah, it reads like professional news copy, broke the story, and is the definitive report of record linked to by the other prominent dining websites in the region like Eater DC.

      Baba Booey, *****.

    2. Anonymous9:48 PM

      Umm...who linked to you?

  44. Anonymous6:30 AM

    A small fundamentalist internet subculture of angry, thirsty, mostly white, conservative males who blame all their romantic and social failures on women. Subscribe to ideas like "race realism" and "cultural Marxism" and are known to woefully misunderstand theories in evolutionary psychology of which they seem to apply with a heavy hand. Easy to spot in the wild, although rare due to furious redditing. Look out for ill-fitting mid-level business attire, a fragile facade of flimsy confidence, and acting out in quick bursts of aggression (especially towards women) between veiled attempts at stoicism. - urban dictionary

  45. Anonymous4:43 AM

    The comment genocide begins anew on Tuesday.

  46. Anonymous5:13 AM

    It has happened again this fine day. Comments disappear as often as dead Bethesda residents vote in elections.