Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Strange to hear people trashing the Democratic Lt. Governor candidate for having too many ideas for transit projects. I'm not clear on what route he has in mind for the Purple Line to take to Virginia, because the right-of-way in Bethesda continues along the Capital Crescent Trail into the District and ends at Georgetown. Rosslyn is the city across the Potomac at that location, and that's not where he said it's going. I disagree with the idea of a second Bay Bridge. My transportation plan offers a rail line to the Eastern Shore and Ocean City, and requires no bridge, thereby avoiding the negative impact on the environment a new bridge would create.

But we should encourage public officials to propose new ideas about transportation. The problem we've had is government doing nothing on rail transit for about 10 years. I have an ambitious plan for transportation, as you can read about on my website. And if I am elected, we will have new funds at the state and federal levels to help pay for them. So vote for Robert Dyer on November 7.

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