Friday, January 26, 2007

Clean Cars. This law requires you to get a car wash every week, doesn't it? Wrong. It's a piece of legislation so far out of left field that it must have been hit out of the park by a steroid-enhanced baseball player. If anyone wondered why I was quoted in the Sentinel newspaper saying that our Montgomery County delegation to Annapolis shares the values of the extreme left, you understand now.

Intoxicated with the hubris and power that result from an election victory of absurd proportions and decades of one-party, monopoly rule, Democrats at all levels of government are going for broke. Off the deep end. And off their rockers.

And there is who else but Brian Frosh, handing down yet another edict from on high. Here's what Mr. Frosh has in store for you:

1. Elimination of your right to own a full size van or large Sport Utility Vehicle. And that's even if you have a large family and need the extra seats! Move out of the state, Mr. Frosh will tell you, you're just part of the auto industry.

2. A whopping $3000 increase in the price of your next automobile. Not a misprint. That's what Martin O'Malley means by fighting for working families, I guess.

And this, combined with the new gas taxes Ike Leggett and state Democrats want, will certainly help working families, right? Only if you failed elementary school math.

Here is a piece of legislation that appears to have been crafted by a card-carrying Communist, or someone who thinks Al Gore is the source of all knowledge in the universe.

What I want to know is, why doesn't the extreme left ever put their money where their mouth is on "clean cars?" Specifically, why don't they use the monopoly power they hold to legislate tax credits that will make hybrid vehicles available to those working families they always talk about?

Instead, they punish the poor and middle class, and the owners of the auto dealerships in our state who are also residents. It's outrageous. They simply want to limit your ability to own a private vehicle and maximize their tax treasure chest to grow government and their power to ever greater proportions. This was revealed recently in the Washington Post's criticism of government policies in Venezuela that allow the less wealthy to own a nice car. They believe the poor should ride the bus, while they ride in limos and on chartered jets provided by your tax dollars and the special interests. And then they come out with hogwash like this legislation. They have been in power all along; if there's an environmental crisis, they are responsible and should be held accountable. Don't pass the buck to the poor. Strange how Bob Ehrlich was the only one to actually do something to help the environment. All the Democrats have done is talk for decades.

Somewhere along the way, Brian Frosh and the extreme left in the Democratic party lost the idea that public servants serve the public. They truly believe, as exemplified by their very actions, that the public serves the elected official. The public is the servant of government, according to this concept. And Mr. Frosh and his gang expect your full compliance with this new edict. Are you ready to serve them?

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