Monday, October 01, 2007

Goldwatergate is a now a runaway train. Outrage is bipartisan here in District 16, and if anything, the Democrats are even more furious. No one had any clue that Bill Frick would prevail over Reggie Oldak or Don Mooers. Just listen to what one Democrat, calling him or herself "bitter in bethesda" had to say on the progressive blog, Free State Politics, the day after the Frick appointment:

"...the selection of Bill Frick in District 16 was the result of a coordinated effort both within and without the Central Committee, an effort which made not even the slightest nod towards the interests of the voters of District 16."

"Bill Frick, a young (32) activist with an appealing personality but a thin resume."

"Does anyone believe that, in a contest before the voters of District 16, that Bill Frick would have stood a chance against Mooers, Oldak, or any of the other candidates? The answer is no, not a chance."

"Not to mention the utter contempt shown for the voters of District 16, 99% of whom probably don't even know who Bill Frick is."

"[T]he Central Committee was motivated by an unknown agenda and picked a clearly inferior candidate."

"Was the District 16 fiasco orchestrated or motivated by outside forces?"

Sure, you'll find a few apologist Democrats who'll tell you Frick was superqualified and a real swell guy, and why-don't-you-pretend-this-didn't-happen-keep-quiet-about-slot-machines-slot-lobbying-Akin-Gump-Miller-Leggett-O'Malley-and-get-back-on-the-bandwagon. But the majority opinions are certainly more entertaining.

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