Monday, March 03, 2008


O'Malley-Brown Free Political Ads
Pulled From Taxpayer-Funded Channel 6
After Questions Raised By

A Exclusive!!

Just weeks after holding Attorney General Doug Gansler accountable for his lack of action against polluters in Maryland, which resulted in a prominent Washington Post article on that topic, I've apparently done it again.

You may remember a posting on this blog entitled, "County Cable O'Malley?" not long ago. It was the first and only public questioning of the almost 24 hour free political ads Gov. Martin O'Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown were able to run on Montgomery County's "County Cable Montgomery," at taxpayer expense.

That's right. Your county tax dollars were providing round-the-clock propaganda ads for state-level Democratic officials. This had gone on for months. There was virtually no time of the day that one could tune into Channel 6 and not find puff-pieces entirely about O'Malley or Brown in place of regular programming.

I also pointed out that Gov. Bob Ehrlich and Lt. Gov. Michael Steele were never featured on Channel 6 when they were in office. This is a county channel, funded by you the taxpayer, and it has always been an information source about county programs, parks and recreation, senior citizen issues, County Council hearings and coverage, and news such as our favorite Doug Duncan ribbon cutting ceremonies.

Days after my report was posted, the O'Malley-Brown ads have all but vanished on Channel 6. After tuning in at various times of the day, and asking others to do so, I can report that we have now returned to regularly-scheduled programming on County Cable Montgomery. They even had a County Council meeting on! It's been awhile.

Apparently, the free ads for the state Democratic Party would have continued as long as "no one noticed." Well, Robert Dyer noticed, and now we have once again witnessed a very rare thing in Montgomery County and the state of Maryland: Democrats being held accountable to the public for their actions.


Soft-on-Crime Democrats Continue to
Dangerously Undermine Public Safety

Even as questions remain regarding Bill Frick's qualifications to serve on the House Ways and Means Committee, he and his fellow Democrats are poised to close the Annapolis State Police Barrack. The savings grand total for this catastrophic blow to public safety? A whopping $327,000. You mean these "leaders" can't come up with $327,000 for our state troopers while their budget and government are filled with waste?

O'Malley, Bronrott, Frick, and Lee have a new idea for a state IT department. Cost? Over a million dollars. Hmm... A new department that is not needed for $1,000,000? Or a state police barrack in the state capital?

Which one would you choose? To me, it's obvious: the barrack as a victory for public safety, and giving the appropriate respect and support for Maryland's Finest in these dangerous times - and at only 1/3 the cost of the IT department.

Democrats' choice? The wasteful IT department.

In 2010, the voters get to make a choice.

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