Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Newspaper Violating All Ethical Standards as
Bailout Plan Would Benefit Company and Directors

Reading yesterday's Washington Post, you would almost have thought the massive, socialist bailout of fat cat tycoons had passed in Congress. Wrong!! It seems that a few leaders are standing against it, and let's hope they continue to rage against the machine.

Page after page said the bailout was a done deal. The editorial board gave a strong endorsement of the final product. Steven Pearlstein and others said this was a plan that would be well-received by the public. The Metro section spoke for all area citizens, claiming we had all agreed that the bailout of the rich by the poor was a "necessary evil." The Post dared claim all of the above even as Americans nationwide are in revolt against the powers-that-be, and the nutty plan they've devised.

Once again, the Post failed to mention that its own Director, Warren Buffett, is a supporter of the plan, that he is a member of its Board of Directors, and would financially benefit immediately at the taxpayers' expense, should it pass. This is not ethical journalism.

The powers-that be will continue to push for the plan today, using the media outlets at their disposal such as CNBC, the major networks, and, yes, the Post. Let's hope the American people continue to resist this Orwellian doublespeak and soundly reject a socialist, un-American bailout of the rich by the taxpayer.

I didn't know we could print unlimited amounts of money. Now that we know we can, will we print another $700 billion to save the world from poverty and disease?

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