Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hold the phone... Ike Leggett and the council are also buying the Webb Tract, according to The Gazette.

It's going to be more than $120 million in taxpayer dollars. So, that brings the Shady Grove boondoggle to a whopping $182 million dollars - and counting!

That is about a third of the whole budget shortfall! Have our elected officials truly lost their minds?

The Webb Tract is owned by developer Miller and Smith. Can somebody run that in the campaign finance database, and find out if Miller and Smith donated to anyone who votes for this debacle?

Once again, the Upcounty gets the second-class citizen treatment from the executive and council, who just obliterated the Upcounty Ride-On schedule.

Let me leave the last words to an actual taxpayer and resident of Montgomery Village, as quoted in the Gazette:

"Now the county thinks that the Webb tract is a perfect dumping ground for all the trash that they don't want… because we put up the least resistance of anybody," East Village resident Brian Benhaim told the board after the county's presentation, echoing the comments of several residents. "This is ridiculous; this does nothing good for the community. This will devastate the community … that whole area will get wiped out in value. Please fight this; this makes no sense."

It's outrageous.

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