Wednesday, July 13, 2011




Where will you celebrate this day of honor for the All-American side item and snack? Some of the best fries in the world are being served up today in Bethesda.

America's Favorite Fries! Still the best, and available at 2 locations in Bethesda: East-West Highway at Pearl St. and River Road.

If you want to take the name literally, the best place to find literal "French" fries (or, frites) would be at Mon Ami Gabi on Bethesda Row (Woodmont Avenue).

Belgian? Mussel Bar.

British? Well, if you're at Union Jack's for the big game at lunch today, they've got "chips" for you.

Do they have to be an unusual recipe? Blackfinn Bethesda has Truffle Fries.

Want to "build your own" fries? Meaning, choose your size and the sauce and toppings of your choice? Head to the brand-new, just-opened-Monday Bold Bite on Fairmont Avenue, next to Blackfinn!

It's hard to find a bad french fry, so walk a few yards in any direction in Bethesda today, and you're sure to find a place to celebrate National French Fry Day.

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