Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Regular attendees have been voting all summer in hopes of having Bethesda Row's Bethesda Central Farm Market named the top farmers market in America.

Unfortunately, as with the ukulele Guinness World Record shocker a few weeks ago, Bethesda lost the top spot nationally, and locally, at the last minute.

It wasn't a thousand strumming Swedes who beat us this time, but the venerable Eastern Shore town of Chestertown. It was an impressive victory, especially when you consider how small their population is compared to the DC Metro area. And Chestertown isn't exactly roadside to Route 50, so it wasn't a tourist vote. Chestertown simply outworked us, and congratulations to them.

Congratulations to Frederick Farm Fresh Market, which was #3.

Bethesda still came out an impressive #10 out of every farm market nationwide. When you consider how many there are just in our area, 10th is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to BCFM, and we'll have another chance at the brass ring next summer!

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Debra Moser said...


Thank you for writing about Bethesda Central Farm Market and we want to thank all of our Bethesda patrons who came out and voted for us! Congratulations also to Chestertown on winning for the State.

We appreciate the continued support and we will continue to provide the best to Bethesda.

Debra Moser
Events Director
Bethesda Central Farm Market