Thursday, September 20, 2007

Goldwatergate - The Scandal continues... Today's Montgomery section has a puff piece on Marilyn Goldwater's "unexpected" retirement.

Still shamelessly unable to admit that they lied to the public in their endorsement of Goldwater, the Post bizarrely did not have one of their regular political reporters write the story. Why? Because they've heard quite a bit from me about their failure to cover the Goldwater scandal, and this was done to have yet another excuse why the tough questions wouldn't be asked.

But the Post cannot contain this scandal, which is entering yet another chapter now, with the undemocratic appointment of Bill Frick to serve essentially a full term without popular election. This chapter will be followed by the sure-to-be-entertaining attempts of the Post and Gazette to create your new delegate, through puff pieces, liberal use of his State House file photo, and much magic sprinkling of the "Frick (D - Montgomery)" macro on reporters' keyboards. What will be the final chapter of Goldwatergate? When the people who misled the voters in 2006 are finally held accountable, either by the media or by those same voters in 2010.

For now, enjoy these quotes as the Goldwater scandal continues to reverberate around District 16:

"I think, at 80 years old, it was just time to retire," Goldwater said, comfortable on a tan leather sofa. "It was time to move on and let someone else get a shot at it."

"Critics say Goldwater should have moved on before her last election, in 2006. Now, instead of voters picking her replacement, the county's Democratic Central Committee made the choice."

Before the 2006 election, she said, "I didn't see any reason not to run. I felt well enough. I was making a contribution." - Marilyn Goldwater

Saving the best for last, here is an excerpt from a Post online discussion with Mark Plotkin when an anonymous Reggie Oldak supporter submitted a query:

"Bethesda, Md.: After her showing in last [September]'s election, I would have thought that Reggie Oldak would have been a strong candidate to replace Marilyn Goldwater. Who is Frick, and what swayed the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (which sounds like how the old Soviet Union chose its leaders) in his direction?

Mark Plotkin: Thanks for pointing this out to me -- I need to get into this selection. When a county committee makes a vacancy appointment, you are sure talking about inside politics. Your comparison to the old Soviet Union is absolutely perfect."

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