Friday, September 14, 2007

Would Tom Brady have so many Super Bowl rings and so many celebrity girlfriends if it wasn't for... cheating? Likewise, would all 3 of District 16's seats in the House of Delegates be held by Democrats if it wasn't for... well, cheating? Is it cheating when a candidate's Democratic colleagues and the media know she will not serve if reelected - and won't be be reelected if the voters know that - and choose to deliberately cover that up until after Election Day? You decide.

"Bill Frick" is your new delegate. You didn't elect him, he was chosen for you by the Democratic Central Committee. And you, the voter, had... no role in the decision.

Consider this: As a representative of District 16 on the Republican Central Committee, I am a legitimate elected official. Bill Frick is not. I was elected, on a Constitutionally-mandated primary election day, September 12, 2006, on an official ballot in a contest decided by every voter qualified to vote in that election. Bill Frick was not. Frick was elected in a back room by the Democratic Central Committee. In reality, Frick was not approved by anyone in our District. Furthermore, the committee members were elected only by Democrats, which excludes over 50% of District 16's voters - Republicans, Independents, etc. - from having even the slightest indirect role in Frick's selection. So much for democracy.

In 2010, District 16 will finally have a chance to elect Delegates of its own choosing. The voters will remember how they were fooled by Bronrott, Lee, and Frosh, and, quite frankly, will still be trying to figure out who Mr. Frick is, as we've never even heard of him before. Where was Mr. Frick last year while I was meeting voters and doing battle in the arena of ideas? Rest assured, the Post and Gazette - who have boldly still refused to criticize Bronrott, Lee, Frosh, and themselves for their role in deceiving the voters in 2006 -will do their best to get Frick's name out there. That is the job of those two party house organs, after all.

But the voters are tired of these partisan games, bickering, and theatrics. They want new leadership that will allow bipartisan solutions to the real problems Rockville and Annapolis have ignored, and continue to ignore. And now, the poor and working families - and the middle class in general - are going to strike back at the outrageous O'Malley - Bronrott - Lee - Frosh Budget, which they are going to balance on the backs of those very citizens. Those who are least able to afford such a devastating financial hit. It is shameful, shameful. I urge you, register to vote now if you haven't already, speak out for what's right, and get ready to vote in 2010.

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