Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Another Exclusive!

Here is the latest from my TV testers across Montgomery County:

Viewer A - Digital television is still receiving all channels, but the Retro TV channel went out yesterday.

Viewer B - Still struggling with old TV and converter box.

Viewer C - If you remember, Viewer C has a digital TV like Viewer A, but could not receive channels 4, 20, 22, 26, 32, or 50. Viewer C reports no improvement either; in fact, now Channel 5 has disappeared as well! (But returned hours later).

Still don't believe you've been had? Well, you probably have digital cable or satellite connected to every TV in your home.

But if you're part of the audience that doesn't, enjoy these headlines from the Land of Greed:

The electronics industry predicts that, as a direct result of the digital TV transition, 25% of homes in the United States will purchase a new, digital TV this year.

The cable industry projects a huge increase in subscriptions to basic cable service over the next 4 years. Basic cable just happens to be the logical step up from a broadcast TV gone dark.

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