Saturday, June 13, 2009


Another EXCLUSIVE!!!

Today I'm giving you a bonus blog entry, because the computer ate my homework (blog entry) yesterday.

But first, let's get right to the breaking news... another ethical violation by our good friends at the Washington Post editorial board.

Yesterday's Post had a featured editorial touting the success of the Facebook group that mobilized support to restore the cancelled "Screen on the Green" outdoor movies on the Mall.

It liberally (pun intended) made numerous mentions of "HBO," "Comcast," and "Facebook" throughout the editorial. All references were in a positive light.

Wonderful human interest story, right?

As Donald Rumsfeld would say... "Wrong!"

At the most basic level, what is the need for a full editorial that tells us no more than the story already published days ago did?

Knowing the ethical history of the Post, you've probably guessed there's more to the story.

And it's a story that only can bring you! Because once again, only is holding the Post accountable for its ethical lapses.

Here's what the Post editorial writer failed to disclose to you:

The Washington Post has a financial relationship with HBO. It has a financial interest in cable television. The Post has a financial relationship with Comcast, the company that broadcasts - and supplies national B-list celebrity guests for - a laughable, daily Washington Post "sports" program. And the Post's Donald Graham is a member of the Facebook board.

These editors are really clever, aren't they? More free advertising and advertorials for business partners of The Washington Post.

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