Sunday, December 20, 2009


County Channel Pulls Plug on Traffic
Cameras in Favor of Political, Irrelevant Content

Another Exclusive!!!

If you were trying to use the traffic cameras on County Cable Montgomery to check road conditions, you were out of luck.

Instead, you might have been greeted by Martin O'Malley propaganda, complete with stirring "came-with-the-editing-software" music and photos provided by "O'Malley's March," and produced by "the auspices of the Montgomery County Council?"

What's that mean anyway? The County Council ordered the taxpayer funded channel to create a free political ad promoting Gov. O'Malley?

You might have also found various irrelevant and old programs.

CCM should have been fulfilling its role as a public information channel by providing the usual traffic camera views, and updated information on road hazards and closings. As a result, drivers were unable to know what conditions they were facing on major roadways across the county.

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