Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Legendary Actor Defends Retailer on

Eve of Expansion in

Montgomery County

Indiana Jones says Walmart is wonderful. A-list Hollywood legend Harrison Ford has weighed in on the oft-reported criticism of the mega retailer.

When asked by the Washington Examiner what he thought about Walmart's critics, Ford responded:

"[I]nformation is the most important currency in making choices and, you know, I just wish they had access to the information that I have, in deciding to be an ally in what Walmart is doing in the world."

- Harrison Ford

As Walmart prepares to expand in Montgomery County in Aspen Hill and Rockville, this is certainly an influential endorsement of the company's charitable contributions around the country.

One of the issues I advocate for is early education, and last year Walmart picked up the tab for FREE breakfast in Prince Georges County schools. This is the kind of philanthropic benefit Walmart could bring to Montgomery County, as it expands it presence here.

After all, to cash-strapped residents who make up the majority of Montgomery County's population, it is the "choices" Ford spoke of that every American consumer deserves to have that can be expanded, with Walmart in our community.

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