Monday, October 17, 2011


The very first Toyota Prius V is scheduled to arrive at Jim Coleman Toyota by Montgomery Mall in Bethesda today!

A few months ago, the car of the future - the all-electric, zero emission Nissan Leaf - appeared at Montgomery Mall for free test drives. (The Leaf is currently in stock at Chevy Chase Nissan). Today, just a few yards away, the almost-as-revolutionary Prius V will give another hint at our automotive future.

Prius V is a hybrid, of course, which means it does require some fuel. But that also means it has a longer range than the Leaf. So you can take the Prius on a road trip across America.

What's the big deal about the "V," you ask?

First of all, it's the letter V, not "five."

Second, it's bigger for families and cargo. It's also 6 inches longer than the standard Prius. Yet it still gets 44 mpg/hwy 40 city.

Toyota gave Prius V's motor an extra boost from the starting line, so performance equals that of the smaller model. And a heating system to improve gas mileage during the winter.

Anything else? A stabilization system for bumpy roads. A dashboard that can sync with your smartphone apps like IHeartRadio and Pandora. A pedestrian warning tone for jaywalkers around Bethesda Row. Backup camera and radar cruise control. A drag coefficient of .29!!

So, call ahead to Jim Coleman to make sure the Prius has landed - 301-469-7100. Then grab your checkbook!

Will you be the owner of the first Prius V in Bethesda?

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