Monday, July 18, 2016

Apple Store officially closed for renovations at Westfield Montgomery Mall

The wall has gone up at the Apple Store at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda. They have temporarily closed for major renovations and expansion. No official reopening date has been announced yet, but they hope to be done by the holiday shopping season. Visit the Apple Store at Bethesda Row in the meantime.


Andrew said...

They should really let people know there is another Apple Store *in Bethesda*.

Anonymous said...

#Snoribund #scooped #SponsoredContent

Anonymous said...

They don't want you to know about Bethesda Row!

They're afraid that you'll never come back!


Anonymous said...

Apple has clearly lost its way since the passing of Steve Jobs. It will take a while before Apple’s demise is apparent to all, but Apple is on the downward slope. The Apple Watch was part of Job’s vision, but there is no way he would have released the hideous design that Tim Cook/Jony Ive released. Jobs was the driving force behind everything that made Apple great. Once it became clear that Jobs was not going to be around for long, the company tried to build a mythos around Jony Ive the great industrial designer. I’m not buying it and the absence of post-Jobs innovation suggests Ive is a fraud. As for Cook . . . don’t get me started.