Friday, July 15, 2016

Brook Taylor Interiors to open in downtown Bethesda (Photos)

Brook Taylor Interiors will open a downtown Bethesda location this September. The interior design business is taking over two storefronts in the ground level of the Fairmont Plaza condominiums at 7833 Woodmont Avenue. I noticed something was going on there over the last week, and now awnings have been installed.

Co-owned by mother and daughter Ellen Roberts and Jennifer Riffle, Brook Taylor will be another resource for residents of downtown apartments and condos, with several more buildings opening within blocks of this new location in the near future. Among the merchandise they carry are furniture, rugs, lighting fixtures and lamps, mirrors, art, window treatments, and other decor accessories. You can get a preview of what they offer on their website.

They allow you to take smaller decor items like artworks and lighting fixtures home on approval, so you can try them out before making your final decisions. Brook Taylor Interiors is open currently at their original location, at 7013 Brookville Road in Chevy Chase.


Anonymous said...

I bet you can find a whole bunch of things for Mommy's basement here Robbie!

Robert said...

This is right next to Tout de Sweet, right?

Is that shoe repair store still there?

Would have been nice for true retail to help activate that block north but it seems a trend nowadays is better something than vacant, right?

How long is the big JBG project delayed for? That would be tremendous for Woodmont Triangle heading up north past Veteran's Park.

Anonymous said...

8:27AM - Your envy is palpable. Pity.

Anonymous said...

A true metalhead like Dyer would never shop here. Though I'm sure 8:27 would with their limp wrist

Anonymous said...

They'll probably do well, especially with all the new places. Nice designs and cool pieces on their website. Wish them the best.