Sunday, May 20, 2018

Pepco has power grid issues in Westbard area

The new Pepco is still like the old Pepco in the Westbard area of Bethesda off River Road and Massachusetts Avenue. Businesses and residents have experienced several power outages over the last few months alone. None were directly weather-related. None involved downed power lines or trees.

Last night, the most recent outage occurred just after 10:00 PM, and affected parts of the Sumner, Springfield and Glen Mar Park neighborhoods. The outage lasted about 10 minutes in some places, and required people to - yet again - reset all clocks, and tally up the losses in damaged appliances and devices. Others were still without power an hour later, with an estimated restoration time of 2:00 AM.

Businesses like the Westbard Giant and McDonald's have lost substantial sums of money during the recent outages. Yet, there's no indication that Pepco is addressing what are clearly problems with their grid infrastructure in the Westbard area. The result is a continuation of the Third-World uncertainty about the reliability of electrical power in that part of Bethesda.


Anonymous said...

"Local Man Forced To Re-Set at 11"

Anonymous said...

"tally up the losses in damaged appliances and devices"

LOL @ Henny Penny Dyer. Just buy a damned surge protector, you cheapskate Wesbardtards!

Baloney Concrete said...

“None were directly weather-related.”

How do you know this? The post does not indicate whether you spoke to a Pepco spokesperson.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Woodmont Triangle, we've only had one blackout of more than a minute or two, since the Derecho in 2012.


Anonymous said...

What is the current the status of these power outages, Robert? How many homes or businesses were affected?

Anna said...

Blogger Anna said...

It's like Karma just gave you a big kiss!

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Deleting it doesn't make it less true.