Sunday, May 27, 2018

Why isn't the fountain at Veterans Park operating?

The fountain at Veterans Park
in better times
The fountain at Veterans Park is usually activated for the year in April. So why not this year - especially with Memorial Day less than 24 hours away? According to a Bethesda Urban Partnership representative, there is a malfunction in the fountain's works, and BUP's contractor hasn't been able to diagnose the problem yet. They hope it will be up and running in two to three weeks.


Anonymous said...

I hope it gets fixed soon. I did note that the two fountains in Bethesda Row are up and running again. The one in front of the upcoming Anthropolgie has been refurbished to fix the and replace the broken floor tile, to clean the stone and now includes flowing non-stagnate water (at last). The one in front of the upcoming Amazon Books is now operational as well.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the County Council taken action on this? Why isn't Hans Reimer out their with his toolbox fixing it himself?

Anonymous said...

If Dyer was voted for council this fountain would be working perfect!!!


Anonymous said...

It's sad that in downtown the premier public amenities are fountains with reclaimed storm water in the middle of paved spaces.

Roald said...

Fountains provide peaceful relaxation. Look forward to the reactivation!

Anna said...

Be a fountain. Not a drain.