Sunday, May 06, 2007

Developer Land Grab Alert:

This time in Ocean City, MD. Rumor has it that Trimper's Amusement Park at the inlet may go up for sale. Sources indicate that the powers-that-be want to replace amusements with, what else, a Bethesda Row-style "multi-use" commercial-residential development. Don't let it happen. Much like our Montgomery County government's demolition of the former B&O Railroad line, this is a greed-fueled, shameful assault on history, a historic site that should be preserved. Will the governor and Eastern Shore delegation step in to prevent catastrophic change in the character of Maryland's historic tourist destination? Or are they too heavily in debt to the developers to move? The Esskay clock is ticking. As in the case of the Westbard Sector, citizen action is needed to fill the vacuum of "leadership."

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