Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yes, it has been awhile between entries. My apologies for the delay, but a family medical emergency and other assorted events have left no spare time over the last month.

New entries are on the way. Until then, enjoy the recent news that the Washington Post empire's earnings have plummeted again. Translation: Less and less people care what the Post has to say. People are tired of far-left, biased yellow journalism and a dark agenda that is simply contrary to the values of our community. In greater numbers, people of every race and income level are confirming the irrelevance of the dinosaur Washington Post.

The Post's nemesis, Hugo Chavez, the world leader who strikes the most fear into the hearts of the Post's corporate bigshots and editorial staff, is enjoying the news too (as evidenced in the above photo). If you're scaring the Post, you must be doing something right.
The long cold winter has passed and the stormy seas are behind. At any moment, someone might shout, "Land Ho!" Are we ready? What are the policies and agenda that will bring us to victory when we land? Stay tuned for discussion of that. And of the Democrats' nationwide strategy to drive the middle class into poverty through rush-hour tolls and transit fares (when they know you must go to work at that time - that's why they're doing it, as a guaranteed revenue scheme), Lexus lanes, energy taxes, carbon taxes, car taxes, property taxes, real estate taxes, sales taxes, service taxes, more taxes than can be listed here. And this is after Maryland Catholic leaders gave the legislature a failing grade on poverty issues in 2007. The middle class will have no spending money, and the poor will be devastated. Don't let it happen! Support a positive agenda, and get ready to vote in 2008 and 2010!

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