Friday, July 25, 2008


As a member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, I have been encouraging Republicans to become more involved with the cause of domestic violence.

My current effort is to raise funds for Heartly House in Frederick, MD. Heartly House provides services and emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence, and operates a 24-hour Domestic Violence Crisis Hotline. If you are in a bad domestic situation, they can assist you in moving quickly to a safe location if you call the Hotline.

It is very easy for anyone to participate in this fundraising drive:

1. Visit and click on "Support Us."
2. Follow the instructions and make a contribution of any amount to Heartly House.
3. After you have made a donation, send me an email at to tell me what you donated, so that we can recognize your generosity at the end of the campaign.

Donations to Heartly House are tax-deductible. This is a very worthy cause and even a small contribution will make a difference. They also could greatly use donations of gas cards at this time.

Many women and children in our community are privately suffering as victims of domestic violence. By getting involved, you can help rescue those victims and help them to begin new lives. Together with tougher laws, we can stop the nightmarish (and too often deadly) crime of domestic violence.

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