Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Greedy "Green" Corporations Poised to
Destroy Scenic Maryland Resort with
Dangerous, Ugly Ocean Windmills

Environmental Extremists, Bought-off Residents,
Capitulating Town Council Give Wind "Farm"
New Momentum

You have probably been exposed to the absurd Ocean City tourism ads this year - the ones that associate the town with negative, disaster themes and Al Gore pseudo-science. Put aside the fact that no one realized the psychological impact of associating your "product" (Ocean City) with scary words, themes and images in the mind of consumers (potential visitors). That was just plain dumb. And I'm not even talking today about the slot machines and offshore drilling (endorsed by the so-called "environmental" Washington Post for business reasons) the Powers That Be are bringing to our All-American resort very soon.

The real scary part is that environmental disaster is coming to Ocean City much sooner than even Al Gore has predicted. It is coming in the disguise of "green" technology: an offshore wind farm. Twelve miles offshore, to be precise. And, like all "green" technology offered by Corporate America in these pseudoscientific times, the farm is going to generate not only "clean" energy, but a lot of mean "green" for the corporation. A.k.a. $$$$$$.

But if you only knew how ugly those windmills are going to be when they replace the natural beauty of the ocean horizon. Or how there will be no more full moons over an ocean view unchanged since the creation of the Earth. Or what those turbines are going to do to birds flying above the ocean, and to the sea life living below its surface... Well, you'd probably turn "green" yourself. Because the truth is sickening.

The lack of opposition to the wind farm is simply bizarre. Environmental extremists have been allowed to raise their voices over all others, simply overwhelming the public debate at hearings and in the local newspapers. Many of those newspapers are strangely endorsing the wind farm as well. There appear to be quite a number of moles, plants, and double agents stepping forward as "residents" to back the plan. And only Mayor Rick Meehan and two councilmembers are even mildly opposed. It sounds like they would fall over tomorrow if the wind company poked them lightly with a finger.

What's going on here? ?Que es la significa de esto? Why so weak? Why so blase, when you would think that town leaders, media, businesspeople, and actual residents all have the most to lose when the windmills pop up? Why would anyone want to look out at the ocean and see anything besides... the ocean? I can't answer those questions, because there are no logical answers.

But we all know that money is the false god of humanity, and that there is nothing money can't buy in this world (good luck to those greedy souls in the next one, though).

Ladies and gentlemen, the fishy smell in Ocean City is not coming from the water.

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