Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Councilman Says "No" to Toll Road

Welcome aboard, Phil Andrews. After denouncing the attempts to shake down residents again for roads they already paid for in 2006, I found myself quite alone in my position.

My position was supportive of the long-planned Intercounty Connector concept, but I stated that - unlike other ICC supporters - I would not approve of an ICC that charged a toll of any kind. Nor one that resulted in needless environmental destruction. Nor one that called for new, unplanned eminent domain seizures of private property.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that the ICC project underway violates each of the three above caveats. Yet, Democrat elected officials in Annapolis and Rockville have embraced the Road to Konterra. Because, that's what it is. At some point, developers took ownership of the old ICC concept and made it work for them.

Now, as Leisure World residents, schoolchildren and their parents, and others are realizing what the ICC has in store for them, one councilmember has adopted my unique position on this impending highway of shame.

Never let anyone talk you into paying a toll for a road you have already paid for. Never. It is literally highway robbery.

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