Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Another Exclusive!!!

After months of secrecy and anticipation, Kraze Burger has very quietly opened its doors. I've been Tweeting about Kraze Burger for about six months, and excited about the opening, so I'm disappointed that the opening was not announced so I could have planned to be there.

So I haven't been in person yet. I have seen a takeout meal, though. The burger is thick and the bun looks fresh and airier than the typical kind. In their Asian restaurants, crinkle-cut fries seemed to be the standard option. Last night's fries were more of the Boardwalk-style, with potato skin on the ends. Some burgers do come with the plastic swords to hold them together, and the burger carton cautions you about that in advance.

Yujin K., who has actually eaten frequently at Kraze Burger in Korea, has a very good and positive review on Yelp already. According to her, the favorite Matiz and KB++ burgers made it across the Pacific, and are as good as they were overseas. She also mentions they have asparagus, which I don't recall seeing on the Asian menus.

I look forward to visiting Kraze Burger soon to find out just how many menu items, toppings and drinks from the Korean menu are on the Bethesda menu.

Bethesda Row is now home to the first Kraze Burger in the United States!

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