Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Usually, when you are a building, you don't have to buy auto insurance. The humble abode housing South Street Steaks was probably shocked to find itself in a collision with an automobile some months back. Uh oh, better get Maaco!

Alas, further inspection revealed the damage to be serious, and the shop had been closed ever since. New competitor Jiffy Shoppes opened during that time, one block over on St. Elmo.

The cheesesteak battle is back on! South Street Steaks has reopened at 4856 Cordell Avenue, as good as new!

South Street joins the aforementioned Jiffy Shoppes, Bold Bite, and Tastefully Toasted Jamaican food truck as purveyors of late weekend night meals. All stay open until at least 2:30 AM.

So, who has the most authentic Philly Cheesesteak in town? South Street? Jiffy Shoppes? Another restaurant or bar? Try them all and post your answer in the comments here, if you like! Maybe we can hope that Taylor Gourmet opens a Bethesda location of their new cheesesteak concept.

It's hard to beat a Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia. But the crown of Best Cheesesteak in DC is up for grabs!

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