Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I've uploaded many new photos from last Thursday night's Porcelanosa grand opening in North Bethesda. You can see Jaleo chefs in action making the now-famous Liquid Olive, more photos from around the showroom, and, yes, more Valeria Mazza.

I also remembered a couple of other things since I wrote my previous post. First, when you enter the store, there are two virtually life-size photographs of Nicole Kidman and George Clooney a few yards inside the door. In fact, there are many other famous people who are members of what Valeria Mazza referred to as the "Porcelanosa family:" including Prince Charles (whose logo appears many places under the Porcelanosa logo on signs around the store), and [the real] 007 himself - Pierce Brosnan.

The other thing was that a vintage Ferrari was parked outside when I left at the end of the night. What a classic, and what a great metaphor for the elements that go into every Porcelanosa product.

Now, enjoy the photos, and be sure to read my previous entry to get the full story on the Porcelanosa grand opening!



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