Friday, April 13, 2012


What may soon be the last bastion of comic books in Montgomery County is moving. Fortunately, true believers, Big Planet Comics will be moving just a couple of blocks from its current location at 4908 Fairmont Avenue.

On April 18, Big Planet will reopen in a brand new spot at 4849 Cordell Avenue. So they're staying right here in Bethesda.

That block of Fairmont Avenue is undergoing perhaps the biggest upheaval of any street in "Old Town" Bethesda. Except for Relic and Bold Bite, and a few who may stagger around from BlackFinn, it is dark and dead at night. A number of storefronts are vacant, and one building is even condemned - "Do not go in there," as Ace Ventura once said!

JBG is building a new residential building at the corner of Fairmont and Norfolk, and there are some complaints that the ground floor will not have active businesses at night on Fairmont. That is indeed something to fix about that project, as the whole point is to activate a dead block there at night.

Expect more tear downs on that block of Fairmont in the next 1-3 years. But the street is a great location with lots of promise.

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