Thursday, April 26, 2012


Actress and Co-writer of
Sound of My Voice to
Answer Questions After
Friday Night Screening

Another Robert Dyer @ Bethesda Row Exclusive!!!

The celebrity appearances at Bethesda Row never end!  This Friday night, Brit Marling will be at Bethesda Row Cinema for a Q&A session following the 7:25 PM screening of her new movie, Sound of My Voice.

This is Georgetown alum Brit Marling, who is known as an actress/writer/producer/director/Sundance Festival It Girl.

Her first big movie release, Another Earth, also ran here at Bethesda Row last year, and I remember writing about it at the time.  Like Another Earth, Sound of My Voice is the kind of movie where you don't want to talk about it with others before going to it, because of the surprise twists and ending.  Or at least, that's the advance word.  But there will be much to discuss afterwards, if it is like Another Earth.  Marling's films, like Christopher Nolan's, don't define the meaning of everything for you; everyone will have their own interpretation of what happened.

So it could be a good date movie.  On the other hand, the trailer does make the film seem a little... weird.  If you think that might be a problem, better to go around the block to Regal for The Lucky One.  

But if it's a unique, unpredictable and intellectual movie you want, Sound of My Voice could fit the bill.  And it always makes for an enhanced and memorable movie or date night experience, when the actual movie star is in the house.

I'd recommend pre-theater dining at Bethesda Row.  Mon Ami Gabi is steps away from the theater.  Across the street, you have Raku and Tandoori Nights.  Further down the street on Woodmont Avenue, you have Mussel Bar, American Tap Room and Jaleo.  Or just grab what might be the best burger in downtown Bethesda, The Matiz at Kraze Burger.

Remember to allow extra time to find a parking space, as Lot 31 and 31A are now closed.

Does this sound like a plan for Friday night?  If so, CLICK HERE to buy your tickets for the 7:25 PM show Friday night in advance.

Until next time, save us the aisle seats.

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