Friday, December 21, 2012


Another Robert Dyer @ Bethesda Row Exclusive!

Here's a big fashion story to close out the year: COURAGE. b is opening a boutique at Bethesda Row in early 2013.

Maybe all you need to know is that COURAGE. b has existing addresses in the Hamptons, Palm Beach and Aspen.

But, with my readers being so smart, maybe you want to know a bit more?

COURAGE. b started in New York City with FOPP'S, which fashionistas have probably heard of.

COURAGE. b designs and manufactures all of their garments, bags, accessories and shoes in-house.  They are not pioneers in outsourcing.  Of course, sometimes their prices reflect that.  But many of their pieces are surprisingly affordable, as well.  And many of the designs will make women stand out in a crowd - in a good way.

Check out their latest using the above link, and start your shopping list.

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