Thursday, December 13, 2012


Foong Lin fans rejoice: the venerable Bethesda Chinese restaurant may be making a comeback a few blocks away from its old home. Sort of.

Moon Gate restaurant at 4613 Willow Lane says it is now under new management by - Foong Lin owner, Fu Cheung!

So, what does this mean?  As of last evening, Moon Gate remains Moon Gate. But it would certainly make business sense - given Foong Lin's popularity and good name in the community - to consider changing the name to Foong Lin in the future. And given that Fu Cheung's name is now associated with Moon Gate, old Foong Lin customers could rightfully come in expecting Foong Lin classics from the kitchen.

Whatever is about to happen or not, Foong Lin's website is not yet announcing it.

But it's great news that Fu Cheung has found a new location in town. It's very hard for an independent restaurant owner to secure space in downtown Bethesda for a long term at an affordable rate.

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