Thursday, June 13, 2013


The Dark Side of White Flint:
Part 9

For posterity, here are some photos of this former Saab dealership on Old Georgetown Road.

The building has some very nice, Scandinavian modern architecture.  Among the Saab memorabilia still there when these photos were taken, is a poster that aludes to Saab's jet fighter heritage.


Anonymous said...

The dealership looks almost new. It actually looks nicer than most dealerships around here...too bad what happened to Saab!

Anonymous said...

"The building has some very nice, Scandinavian modern architecture."

Ah, I get it now. You're trolling smart growthers and county planners, been trolling this whole time.

Robert Dyer said...

Your comment makes no sense. A "troll" is someone who posts negative comments on blogs, YouTube videos, etc. Someone posting original comments and opinions on their own website is not "trolling." Explain what you mean by "trolling?" Having an opinion different from what the MoCo developer-politician machine wants is not trolling. It's civic activism and 1st Amendment rights. Are you advocating cutting citizens out of the development process? And what does the quote about architecture have to do with your second paragraph?

Anonymous said...

"Are you advocating cutting citizens out of the development process?"

Just the dumb ones.

"And what does the quote about architecture have to do with your second paragraph?"

You saw a curved roof on a building that sells Swedish cars so you claimed it was "Scandinavian modern architecture." No one would be that stupid, so I assumed you were trolling for replies.

Congrats, you got it.

Anonymous said...

The place has a modern design to it.

One of the mandates of the new Saab dealer designs was that "Saab history and Swedish heritage visible through displays, materials and furnishings."

Robert Dyer said...

You are a spokesperson for "Smart Growthers and county planners?" And your factual debate is to call county residents "dumb?" I don't think this approach will win over much support in the community. Regarding whether my note about the architecture was "stupid" (you folks really raise the bar for intelligent debate with schoolyard insults - is this the future of MoCo?), I refer you to the commenter below on Saab design principles.

G said...

I've been a customer here for years and have purchased 4 SAABs from these guys. I'm a huge enthusiast, even went to Trolhattan, Sweden to visit the factory last summer.

I speak on behalf of the entire SAAB community, in that we are sad to see another dealership fall and our brand shutdown. I wish these guys all the best who worked here (especially Frank Grob). Love your SAAB and protect it! It's not a driving memorial.