Monday, February 17, 2014


Yet another deadline came and went last Friday at Bethesda Metro Center. The escalator between the plaza and bus bays remained out of service this weekend, as WMATA failed to deliver its Valentine's Day promise. The escalator has been offline for weeks, and Metro continues to set, and then defy, dates upon which it should be operational again. Now WMATA says this Friday, February 21.

This is what happens when there is no accountability. Today, two Red Line stations (Dupont Circle and Farragut North) are closed, forcing riders to exit the Woodley Park station, and take a shuttle bus to Metro Center. All told, probably a 20-minute process amidst already poor service. And they want higher fares for less service.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post "Dr. Gridlock" page yesterday did not even mention about the closure. Just because many people have the day off doesn't mean those who don't are irrelevant. What the Gridlock page did feature, was a full page of Metro puff pieces. On the top, the good doctor had another "stop whining" essay, explaining why you aren't going to get express trains. So there. On the bottom, a rah-rah piece about the really sharp, heroic politicians of Fairfax County, who have masterfully prepared their local bus service for the opening of the Silver Line. And when the Silver Line opens, thanks to WMATA and those Fairfax officials, the whole region will be moved forward, we will achieve utopia, and have world peace to boot.

Why not mention today's Red Line debacle? Because it's embarrassing, when other cities maintain their systems while offering 24-hour subway service. Kind of like a tiny escalator being out of service weeks after it was supposed to be fixed...


Anonymous said...

WMATA assumes we all work for the Feds.

And Dr. Old Media Gridlock lives in a different universe from the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing WMATA is packing the shuttle buses standing room only.