Saturday, February 22, 2014


We've seen some of the dangerous sidewalks in downtown Bethesda, and along River Road. Here are some of this past week's biggest offenders in White Flint. There's some discussion of new plans and new rules, but it would seem to me that the rules are quite clear: residential and business property owners (and WMATA and government) are responsible for clearing their respective sidewalks. If it is not done, they are in violation of existing law. It would seem inappropriate for taxpayers to pick up the tab for some property owners' snow removal, while still being forced to clear their own residential and business sidewalks at their own expense and/or labor.

This was the most dangerous sidewalk situation I can recall. In numerous cases, pedestrians were walking head on into oncoming traffic in the roadway. If bus stops were even accessible, passengers were forced to climb snow drifts in between the stop and curb, to board or disembark. And this was many days later, not immediately following the storm.
You made it to the bus stop,
but getting to the bus
won't be easy once it


What good is a crosswalk if
there's nothing to cross to?

Better snow conditions
than Sochi


Anonymous said...

SAUL CENTERS and LERNER get an F failing grade for snow cleanup in WHITE FLINT.

As your photos show, Saul did not clear their sidewalks at all on Rockville Pike in front of their Staples shopping center.

Lerner scores even worse. Lerner cleared access for cars into White Flint mall, but provided no way for pedestrians and transit users to access the White Flint Mall.

As your photos show, even the bus stop was walled in with snow for DAYS after the snow.

LERNER also cleared ZERO sidewalks on 355 or inside the mall property.

Pedestrians had to walk in the middle of the roads inside the mall property, dodging cars the whole way.

FITZGERALD AUTO MALL gets an A (excellent grade) for clearing sidewalks. The sidewalks in front of Fitzgerald were clear the entire length of their property.

Robert Dyer said...

I think there does need to be a greater attention to mobility for pedestrians and transit users after storms. Snow at bus stops has been an ongoing challenge for years in the county. And we certainly need to clear bike trails, if we are going to advocate that more people commute by bike.

Anonymous said...

In fact a man died for this reason last week on a bridge in DC. The sidewalk on the bridge was not shoveled, so he was forced to walk in the roadway. A pick-up truck didn't see him until it was too late.

Anonymous said...

Personally I would rather see them clear the sidewalks and bus stops and leave the bikers with a safe bus option til things thaw out.