Friday, September 26, 2014


The Bainbridge Bethesda luxury apartment tower celebrated its grand opening last night in Bethesda.  Bainbridge Bethesda is currently offering an incentive of 2 months' rent free, which is definitely a sizable amount of cash you can put towards moving costs, parking, etc.

Right outside your door, you have restaurants like Union Jack's (British pub & nightclub), Chef Tony's, Positano and Bold Bite. There is even a Japanese market with fresh Japanese sushi to the left of the parking garage across the street. Fashionista? Reddz Trading is a short walk from home. Craft beer nut or oenophile? Capital Beer and Wine - and resident expert Justin McInerny - is less than a block away. As are Veterans Park, Tastee Diner, Woodmont Grill, Black's Bar and Kitchen, and Starbucks.

If you are considering the Bainbridge, and have the money, I would say to go for a 2-bedroom. It had more of a resort hotel floorplan than you would expect in an apartment. The city lights view is best on the Fairmont Avenue side. Planning to live here awhile? Ask your leasing agent about what your unit's view will be after the 7770 Norfolk apartment tower is completed across Fairmont, as it will be as tall as the Bainbridge.

Another impressive feature is the large business center, which you will see when I upload video of the Grand Opening soon. For now, here are photos from the event, which you can click to enlarge for more detail:
Part of the spread in the
lobby-level bistro

Man cannot live on
bread alone


Something for the health-conscious

and the not-so-health-conscious

Judging from this, the
brownies were popular
Welcome Welcome
The impressive lobby

Books for the
sophisticated reader

Aerial view of the lobby

...and the chairs

Glowing orbs beneath the
lobby staircase
Loft hideaway above the
main lobby & bistro

Relax and read a book
or magazine here

Light fixture in the

Artwork, and an elevator
for a quick getaway
Plenty of wine on hand
in Apartment 206

Dining area in this
1-bedroom unit

Living room



Kitchen in Apartment 404,
a 2-bedroom unit
The 2-bedroom dining room
includes this chandelier

Dining set

Living room

The view from your living room
in Apartment 404

Let's check out the 18th
floor roof deck, shall we?
Nice view of downtown Bethesda's
Central Business District

Capital One towers (center), and
the Bethesda Crescent building (right, with
the red light sculpture) are
two iconic downtown buildings

Everybody into the pool

Steel drum virtuoso

VIPs and residents enjoyed a
respite from the earlier rain

Rooftop fire pit

15th floor fitness center

It has the "new car" smell

Practice up for crossing
Wisconsin Avenue at-grade
when they axe the Capital
Crescent Trail tunnel

That's the legendary
Tastee Diner, from
15 stories up

Shall we play
a game?

The Party Room is right off of
the 15th floor terrace

One of several flatscreens
The bar in the Party Room
was mixing up the
Bainbridge Bourbon Slush

A corner nook in the
Party Room
Bainbridge Bethesda
4918 St. Elmo Avenue


Anonymous said...

Careful of the "2 months free rent" type promotions. If you are staying more than one year that subsidized monthly rent they sell you on will hit you hard when it goes to full price and they won't give you the "new tenant only" deals for your second year.

Also, that rooftop has no views! everything is blocked off. Particularly the pool area.

Anonymous said...

Those lawsuits from Greenhill really pushed those prices north. How is this sustainable for someone who has to rent to afford? Millennial are going to go down in history has having no money, no savings, no assets....

Anonymous said...

Yes, too expensive for me, but looks nice!

Anonymous said...

I think the Gallery looks nicer. More glass!

Anonymous said...

The hallway looks like it's barely 3 feet wide.

Neighbors will need to do a "horizontal limbo" when passing each other.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comprehensive and delightful photo tour. It is far more extensive than that of the Bainbridge website. Out of my range, but isn't it fun to gain a scope?

... I have always wondered what the Pools of Bethesda look like. Now I have gained an inkling.

Anonymous said...

"Space. The Final Frontier. These are the light fixtures of the Bainbridge Bethesda. To boldly hang what no one has hung before."

Our 2B dining chandelier transforms every meal into an explosive molecular gastronomical experience.

Your very own Smithsonian Ionic Bond Replica. Choose any of 8 molecule structures which best refracts mealtime bonding to you.

Had a long day? Relax. Pour yourself a long cool one. And have yourself a little gaze at these.

The Lava Lamp has got nothing on this.

"You know those fireflies that escaped from the petrie?"
"What about 'em."
"I think they've 'grown.'"

If we move, can we take it with us?
Does it come with a name?
Can it be surgically removed?

So worth it. Already it has brought such joy. A brave new world, indeed. I'd like to be. Under the sea. In a phosphorescent anemone's garden....)