Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Limebikes arrive in Bethesda

Lime is here in downtown Bethesda. The dockless e-bike company seems to have leaped ahead of an incremental rollout previously announced by Montgomery County officials, that was to introduce Limebikes in three defined zones mapped out in North Bethesda, Silver Spring and Takoma Park. But a whole set of the green bikes suddenly appeared around Bethesda Row last Friday.

That made it seem more of an official drop-off by Lime than the result of random travels by Lime users. Ken Hartman, who represents the County Executive as Director of the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center, tweeted Monday that another Lime bike had popped up in his residential neighborhood.

Downtown Bethesda, and greater Bethesda as a whole, are still not shown as official dockless bike pilot zones on the Montgomery County website, so it's unclear what's going on here. But now that they are here, you can take advantage of them by following the user instructions on the Lime website.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully there are a lot of construction dumpsters around, just right for disposing of these nuisances.

Anonymous said...

The Lime App shows exactly 1 (one) Limebike in downtown Bethesda. This hardly shows that Limebikes have arrived in Bethesda.

Hardly the peleton of Limebikes suggested by your article.

Anonymous said...

They need the scooters. Much better.

Anonymous said...

A whole line of these appeared in Bethesda this week. Appeared to be positioned, not random.

Anonymous said...

Photos #2 and #3 of 3 are of the same bike in the same location - in front of the Wells Fargo at the northeast corner of Arlington and Elm.

Photo #1 is in front of the Giant, catty-corner, just a few hundred feet away. Probably the same bike, too, moved by hoboes unknown at 3 AM on Christmas morning.

Anonymous said...

11:06am is still trying out to be Dyer's intern, on Christmas even. Impressed!