Monday, December 24, 2018

New Bethesda bank already cutting back hours

Is it the ongoing flight of the rich out of record-high-tax Montgomery County, our moribund County economy, or just too many banks in one area? Whatever the reason, the brand-new SunTrust branch in the Element 28 apartment building is already drastically reducing its business hours. The branch is entirely eliminating Saturday hours, and will now close at 3:00 PM on Mondays, instead of at 5:00 PM.


Anna said...

Or maybe...people don't go to banks much anymore. Businesses, maybe? The cutting of Saturday hours makes me think not so much businesses either.

Anonymous said...

Suntrust is #5 in the area based on deposits. I think there's just a lot less need to visit a bank branch any more. I to my CapOne branch for specific needs, like withdrawing new $100 bills for travel abroad. Most of the people in line are either really old, or small businesses making cash deposits. I think Suntrust isn't that strong in the small business banking area.

Anonymous said...

This is a disappointment to SunTrust account holders in the downtown.
For the rare times I need to go to bank branch, Saturdays are convenient.

TD Bank is looking good right Saturdays and Sundays and both branches have drive thru banking.

Anonymous said...

Maryland Montgomery county is filled with illegals
3 of my friends purposefully hit by driving illegals without insurance looking for a free paycheck

Everyone in Bethesda knows someone whose home has been burgularized
Don’t feel safe anymore in Bethesda

Not safe to live or driv3 anymore
We used to spend time at Montgomery mall but it’s frightening over there anymore

Anna said...

"3 of my friends purposefully hit by driving illegals without insurance looking for a free paycheck"

That's not how it works. Sheesh. The illegals GET hit, not DO the hitting. If they have no insurance, there's no-one to make pay-outs for the accident. Plus...can illegals actually file suit?

Anna said...

Pollo Pequeño! ¡el cielo se está cayendo!