Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Coal-fired oven being installed at Anthony's Coal-Fired Pizza in Bethesda (Photos)

The oven has arrived and is being installed at the future Anthony's Coal-Fired Pizza at 7770 Norfolk Avenue in downtown Bethesda. It's notable that the oven is being brought in at this early stage in construction.
Here is an interesting article about coal-fired pizza ovens that explains they use anthracite coal that produces fewer emissions than bituminous coal, that coal-fired pizza is less smokier in flavor than wood-burning oven pizza, and why the growth of coal-fired pizza will help keep coal miners in Pennsylvania employed rather than in West Virginia.


Anonymous said...

aka Hard Coal, and favored by locomotive engineers. It actually burns a blue flame when done right and over 900F. Makes a nice pizza.

Anonymous said...

"less smokier"


Anonymous said...

So, if smokiness is not actually a desirable quality in pizza, then what is the advantage of (anthracite) coal over natural gas or even electric ovens?

Roald said...

Looking forward to it!

Every morning I wake up and Robert Dyer has new retail, restaurant and development news!

Anonymous said...

I will eat your Pizza Rober Dyer. I will make sure you can never find a slice again in this town. WE WANT YOU OUT of MOCO!!!!

Captain MoCo said...


Captain MoCo here.

Robert Dyer is proudly essential to proud MoCo.

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Anonymous said...

Burn baby burn!