Wednesday, January 09, 2008


121 Housing Units Approved on
Washington Episcopal School Campus
Off River Road and Little Falls Parkway

Eight Story Building Claimed as "Senior
Housing;" But No Guarantees

"All the Financials Were Beneficial."
You Can Say That Again!

Montgomery County Planning Board Chairman Royce Hanson and his fellow board members rubber-stamped the first major development in the Westbard Sector last week. It approved 121 "senior housing" units in a proposed 8 story tower on the property of the Washington Episcopal School.

They are also trying to get a traffic light at Lindy Lane and River Road. Question for State Highway Administration engineers: How many stoplights can you have in a single block? There are three in this block of River already.

What will the view of this tower be from our neighborhood or the Kenwood neighborhood? We don't know because the developer, Sheridan Development Company, never came to us with any details on this project. They simply greased the wheels of government and we've been victimized by the Royce Hanson-Developer Planning Tank again on the outer fringes of the Sector.

And remember, there is no guarantee that these units will be senior housing now or ever. Don't forget, Park Bethesda started as a luxury apartment building and became an American University dorm overnight.

This is the last stand against developer excess in the county. Developers are putting the final touches on the Twinbrook and White Flint plans, guiding hands and greasing government palms all the way. Once the action moves to Westbard itself and the other side of River Road, the battle will be joined.


A real shocker as Washington Post columnist John Feinstein lashed out at just-retired coach Joe Gibbs and Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis for their Christian beliefs. Feinstein attacked evangelical Christians in general, stating that they "frighten" him. What "frightens" me is the ability of the Washington Post, Feinstein, and other entertainment companies and individuals to unleash these bigoted tirades and anti-Christian hate speech with no condemnation or consequences in the general media.

This was an outrageous and disgusting attack, particulary with the tragic death of Sean Taylor having occurred so recently. And with the revered and respected coach having just announced an emotional retirement, in part due to the life-threatening medical condition of his 2 year old grandson.

May I tell you again, that for these left-wing extremists and their house organs like The Washington Post, there is no low that is too low. The Post has proven it again with a savage, bigoted, anti-Christian piece like this. For shame, for shame. But the Post has no shame. The editorial page and columnists fire off anti-Catholic bigotry several times a year.

Recent attempts by the media, including some "conservative" Republican columnists, to state that the "religious right" and social conservatives are damaging the party fit right in with this kind of hit piece. A continued ridicule of anyone who professes a religious faith that does not fit the standards of Hollywood and the liberal media. Remember the nasty asides about Monica Goodling printed in the Post, and cheap shots at her Christian college?


What is happening with Fred Thompson? He is now in a must-win situation in South Carolina after a disappointing but respectable third place finish in Iowa, and an embarrassing 1% finish in New Hampshire. We are in a countdown to January 19, when Thompson will either be the winner or else an unviable candidate the rest of the way.

If you are a Reagan conservative, and - like me - a supporter of Fred Thompson, you have to be concerned right now. His disastrous performance makes little sense given his established conservative record. And he has been far better in the recent debates compared to his slow start in the fall. Impressive, in my opinion. Finally, I don't understand why Thompson and Mike Huckabee were not the top 2 candidates in New Hampshire, given that the state is well known for its anti-tax fever, and both men have radical plans to reform our tax code. At least Huckabee came in third in NH, impressive under the circumstances.

So this is where the question becomes: at what point does completing the Reagan Revolution's reform of our judicial branch take precedence over a particular candidate's fate? I would argue that it does so on January 19. The next president will likely have the opportunity to appoint the Supreme Court justice who will finally seal a conservative majority on the Court for decades to come.

This is the culmination of decades of hard work and sacrifice by committed Republicans, conservatives, and, yes, the religious right. Finally we will have a Court that will overturn the radical quasi-legislative actions of past Courts and guarantee the reestablishment of the Constitutional right to Life and the Second Amendment.

I trust Fred Thompson to make such an appointment. That is one of the major reasons I have supported his candidacy. But if his campaign implodes in South Carolina, it is incumbent upon those of us within this movement to consider our options. We will have to examine who has a chance to move the country forward, and who shares our beliefs. If there is another candidate who we can help to victory with our hard work and support, I believe we must take that action while there is still time. And above all else, we must support the eventual Republican nominee. That is critical to the future of this country. Don't stay home in November, even if you are dissatisfied; get out and vote.

I've made the phone call to the bullpen. I have two relief candidates warming up. Should it be necessary, I won't hesitate to come out to the mound and make the change January 19. There is too much at stake in this election.

So stay tuned. The campaign is turning to South Carolina, my kind of place. Nice people. World-class people. Patriotic Americans. Great food. Southern hospitality. Intelligent voters.

Intelligent voters. Get ready to be one on February 12. South Carolina will reveal the way.

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