Friday, January 04, 2008


Mike Huckabee's landslide victory in Iowa was the result not just of Christian conservatives coming out in great numbers, but also about a town called Newton.

Newton, Iowa, this October experienced the same devastating blow that we have felt here in Maryland time and time again under the boot of Democratic one-party rule: jobs shipped out of the state.

If you have a Maytag appliance, open the door and examine the sticker inside. Yes, there is WKRP's Mr. Carlson dressed in his full Maytag repairman regalia, depressed as usual with nothing to do. Unfortunately, in October, his fellow Maytag employees - the ones who build the machines - joined him in that pastime of being depressed and having nothing to do. Why? Well, under some "free" trade agreement or another, Maytag just closed its factory and moved operations to... China, Malaysia, Timbuktu or some other such place where they can get human beings to work for 2 cents an hour.

This was the latest manifestation of a national phenomenon, where our industrial base is gone, jobs are gone, our currency has no backing, and the entire economy is based on a tightly-controlled stock market that would go "poof" overnight if anyone ever figured out that the emperor has no clothes.

Thanks to Democrats in Annapolis and Rockville, we've not only lost our GM plant in Baltimore but now Bethesda's own Ourisman Ford has closed its doors forever. That cut jobs right here in our district. That cut tax revenue to local and state government and therefore took money away from schools, police, fire, and transportation.

Then get this: today it was announced that automobile sales are at the lowest point in a decade. Now combine that with dealerships being shuttered all over the state and then remember: it was just last year that O'Malley and the Democratic General Assembly increased the cost of vehicles by $3000 each with the "Clean Cars" Act, a piece of legislation that scientists have said will have no tangible effect on "global warming" whatsoever.

Now, for an encore, we hear that Democrats aren't finished putting auto workers onto the unemployment rolls yet! This year, they are going back to the loony bin to bring out carbon legislation that is based on pure fantasy and special interest paybacks, rather than hard science.

When they're finished destroying the U.S. auto industry, they are going to try to put our energy companies out of business, and put our coal miners out of work. These Democrats have been living the high life for so long, they don't even know what it's like out there.

For shame, for shame. Why unions ever help these people is beyond me. Driving through Baltimore this fall, I was passed by SEIU marchers chanting about health care. I wanted to roll down my window and remind them that if Robert Dyer had been elected, they would have universal access to health care. Not a Big Government program, but access for all to the outstanding, existing free market health care we already have.

But they wouldn't have listened, because I am a Republican. That old way of thinking is why Hillary Clinton lost in Iowa. And why Huckabee and Obama won. People want elected officials who can get things done, and they sure don't want the same old establishment politicians again. They're sick and tired of the partisan theatrics and political games that we yet again witnessed Democrats put on during the Special Session.

And it's important to distinguish the acknowledgement of what's going wrong from those old, left-wing "class warfare" games. This isn't about punishing the rich to help the poor, because high taxes on the rich only damage the economy and slow growth.

It's about giving everyone access again to an ownership society and the American dream. It's what most Americans had a few decades ago. It's what Ronald Reagan championed and won on twice in 1980 and 1984. It could be the road to the White House in 2008.


50 Square Miles of Wind Turbines
Killed 4,700 Birds in 1 Year

Democrats in Annapolis Have
Threatened to Approve Similar Farms in
Ocean City, Western Maryland

I've written on the dangers of wind farms to wildlife in previous entries, but a new report from California has given further specific proof to back my arguments.

According to an Alameda County panel appointed to reduce the wildlife deaths caused by these "lethal windmills," the attempt to do so has so far been a failure. Mass wildlife casualties continue to occur in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area.

The California Energy Commission reports that, within a 50 square mile wind farm area, 116 golden eagles, and 4,700 birds overall, are killed each year by wind turbines.

Imagine what the devastation to Maryland's native species if wind farms brokered by Democratic lobbyists, campaign contributors, and out-of-state corporations were to be approved by the Democratic legislature and signed by Governor Martin O'Malley.

That Democrats could ignore the plain facts and scientific evidence is not only outrageous, but also consistent with the left-wing extremist agenda that ignores real science in the debates on issues such as "global warming" and abortion. The facts can be ignored as long as their special interests and financial backers are satisfied. That's how the whole global warming scam is functioning around the world: the poor and middle class are being pushed aside so that large corporations can make big green on "green" products. Politicians create more business and earmarks for their "green" contributors. And national sovereignty and the American way can be subverted to the benefit of America's enemies. Total rubbish.

Solar energy is the way to go and it is working in Canada and Germany. Instead of clear-cutting Maryland forests so New Jersey companies can profit from a deadly-to-nature wind farm, we should be constructing solar-powered energy plants. Every building should have solar panels on the roof. Along with my position that single family homes create less runoff than large, mixed-use development, we should be encouraging builders to build more SF homes that are affordable and which have solar panels already installed.

I've put forward an energy proposal that will not only reduce monthly utility bills for the homeowner ,and implement solar power on a great scale, but also whip the monopoly power companies into shape by introducing the market forces and competition Democrats have so far prevented.

We must oppose any and all attempts to build these dangerous and aesthetically-unappealing wind farms off the coast of Ocean City. This is one of the most absurd ideas ever proposed and must be stopped. It will not only endanger birds but sea life as well. No wind farms, no ethanol (damages the bay, contributes to hunger worldwide, and provides less driving range than oil), and no nukes. Clean power is the way to go, and that means solar energy.

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