Saturday, January 19, 2008


Latest "Pay to Live" Action to Drive
Poor and Working Class Citizens
Out of Montgomery County

Robert Dyer's Call for Competition in
Utilities Sounds Smarter Than Ever

Bronrott, Frick, and Lee M.I.A. as
Monopoly Utilities Pound Montgomery
Residents with High Electric and Water Bills

Unbelievable! Outrageous!! WSSC is calling on the Montgomery and Prince George's County councils to approve a whopping 50% increase in water bills. To top it off, they want to charge you $20 a month ($240 a year). This is due to their mismanagement of the water and sewer infrastructure.

Much as Democrats in Annapolis, and their friends at the Washington Post and Gazette, neglect to mention that high electric bills are the result of Democrats keeping competition out of Maryland after deregulation, so too does the WSSC and the media exclude the facts on this issue.

The issue is that the system has been allowed to deteriorate, and now they want you to pay for their failure to properly maintain and manage their infrastructure. It's outrageous. What's more, the proposal was put forward by the lame duck head of the board who is departing within the month.

Competition in utilities is long overdue. What you get with true competition is low prices, excellent service, and accountability. Because if you don't receive those 3 benefits, you can switch to a competing company. We call this the Free Enterprise System here in the United States.

Unfortunately, we won't have competition in utilities until I am elected. So in the meantime... Please contact your county councilperson, and tell them to reject the WSSC proposal. It's not fair to the elderly, the poor, and to working families on tight budgets.

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