Friday, January 04, 2008


Democratic Attorney General Working
Full Time for Obama While Polluters
Continue to Harm Wildlife

Attorney General Douglas Gansler has had no significant progress to report on his promised crackdown on the polluters who damage the Chesapeake Bay. Now we are finding out what his time has been spent on instead: Democratic party politics.

While illegal dumping, smokestack discharges, illegal and "secret" toxic waste dumps continue; and medical and toxic waste continues to flow down from Pennsylvania with the full consent of the O'Malley administration, and of our Democratic delegates Bronrott, Frick, and Lee, ...where is Doug Gansler?

"I have been making phone calls, knocking on doors, attending Obama rallies, talking to the press and setting up chairs and taping up signs at the Windsor Elementary School Library in West Des Moines in preparation for tonight's caucus there."

- Maryland Democratic Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler in an email yesterday to John Wagner of the Washington Post

That might explain it.

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