Sunday, September 16, 2012


Construction crews and big rigs flooded into downtown Bethesda Saturday, giving a hint of the development to come.

One crew worked at Bainbridge's The Monty, while the other was at That 70s Building [a.k.a. The Gallery at Bethesda].  Both teams assembled towering cranes at their respective sites.

Here is an exclusive photo gallery:

Beyond Jiffy Shoppes and Chef Tony's on
St. Elmo, the Bainbridge crane begins to
take shape
Flagmen stop traffic as workers prepare to
raise the crane's cab up to its
gravity-defying perch

There it goes!  Up...

...up!  The Eagle has landed

Meet Crane #2, assisting construction of
That 70s Building between Del Ray and
Auburn Avenues

Auburn Avenue was completely shut down
for assembly of the Miller and Long crane.
Note the vintage WHFS radio transmitting
tower atop Triangle Towers
A classic Freightliner truck stands by as the
crew prepares to hoist a counterweight up
to the crane arm

We have liftoff of the counterweight
Counterweight on its way up...

...way up...
...waaaaay up...

Almost there...
Success!  Now to secure it in place...
Counterweights securely in place

View of assembled Miller & Long crane
from ...Miller & Long!

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